Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford – Pros &Cons

Meaningful Beauty is touted as the latest skincare product from supermodel Cindy Crawford. This product was created over 10 years ago by the founders Dr Sebagh and Cindy. However, a number of products inspired her and she specifically sought out the doctor for his skin care program. It was after she saw the changes in her skin that Cindy was on board to sponsor the products. It took many years before the actual line was launched due to testing regulations.

The product contains an antioxidant that is supposed to come from a rare French melon. This is called superoxide dismutase. The company advertises that this oxide prevents the release of free radicals in your skin due to the watermelon enzyme. It also contains an enzyme, coenzyme Q10, which is said to activate skin rejuvenation in its products.

The benefit of Meaningful Beauty is that there is a remarkable story behind how the product came to be, especially with Cindy’s support behind the line. There is also a focus on anti-aging benefits within the products, which is what attracted Cindy to the line initially. The product is also readily available online for purchase at many retailers.

As for the cons, firstly there is no detailed information about the components used in the products. Additionally, more studies are needed to support the claims they make in their advertising. There is still inconclusive evidence as to how much the oxidant from French melon actually changes fine lines and wrinkles to prevent aging.

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