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Sex Weight Loss – Sex Diet For Burning Calories

Due to the large number of calories burned during sex as well as the additional neurological advantages and cancer prevention, the sex diet for weight loss is particularly well-liked. 15 to 20 minutes of sexual foreplay can burn 150 to 200 calories, which is comparable to going on a stroll or climbing stairs.

It is possible to burn as many calories during sexual activity as you would while playing a game of basketball, and it also uses some of the same muscle areas, if you choose to be more creative.

Sex Muscle fat burning

The muscles that are most frequently engaged during sexual activity are

  • The ab muscles (abdominals)
  • The arms and shoulders
  • Legs: quadriceps (upright position)
  • sex positions for losing weight
  • the glutes (buttocks)

Try a kama sutra book or website for more suggestions on positions for maximum fat burning, but the most popular ones are these.

  • Regular post of a missionary
  • Next to the wall
  • Position in Standing
  • Wheelbarrow or doggy walking style.

Sexual foods

It’s a good idea to include food in your sex life, and sexy and sensuous fruits are by far the most popular option. The beautiful thing about the fruits we eat in the bedroom is that they are typically low gi, so they are delicious without affecting your blood sugar levels.

Best Fruits for a Sex Diet with a Low GI

Berry fruit.

A grape

the Prunes

  • Cherries

Citrus fruit

A cherry

And for some extra fun, try dipping your fruit in some sugar-free melted chocolate. This can help you lose weight even more because the caffeine in the chocolate will raise your body’s temperature, which will help you burn more calories. When you start to perspire, it would be a good idea to relocate your intimate encounter to the shower.

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